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The   main   types   of   dampness   within   a   property   are   Rising   Damp,   Penetrating   Damp,   Condensation and occasionally, Leaking Pipework. Installation   of   a   new   damp   proof   course   on   its   own   is   not   a   universal   cure   to   treat   rising   damp,   or for other damp problems, of any structure. With   rising   damp   the   ground   water   travels   up   through   the   masonry   by   capillary   attraction   bringing with   it   Hygroscopic   salts   from   the   ground.   These   salts   are   very   absorbent   and   cannot   be   removed from   the   brickwork.   The   salts   then   transfer   into   the plaster,    therefore    making    damp    walls    as    they continue   to   absorb   moisture.   The   most   effective way   of   damp   proofing   and   resolving   this   problem is   to   inject   a   damp   course   to   stop   further   rising damp    and    then    re-render    the    walls    with    our specialist   plaster   which   is   designed   to   prohibit   the transference   and   build   up   of   Hygroscopic   salts. Damp proofing is essential to make the walls dry. Dampness   in   walls   can   also   increase   condensation   levels   within   a   property.   Internal   heating helps   draw   the   moisture   out   of   the   walls   but   this   only   increases   the   moisture   levels   within   the property. Original   damp   proof   courses   in   older   buildings   generally   break   down   over   a   period   of   time and   become   ineffective.   Therefore   this   necessitates   the   need   for   injection   of   a   damp   proof course and subsequent re-plastering work. Lateral    water    penetration    can    occur    via    external    problems    like    defective    guttering,    high external   ground   levels,   defective   pointing   and   design   defects.   Basements   and cellars   are   notorious   for   having   lateral   water   penetration.   The   way   to   damp   proof   this   is   to install   one   of   our   specialis   Structural   Waterproofing   Systems.   AB   Dampproofing   offers the    Structural    Cavity    Drain    Membrane    Waterproofing    System    and    the    Sika    Render Structural   Waterproofing   System.   The   system   installed   will   depend   on   the   property   and its surrounding environment. All our staff are specialist trained, qualified, monitored and audited in their work.    You   can   be   assured   that   with   AB   Dampproofing,   the   price   we   quote   for   the   rendering and   plastering,   is   the   price   you   will   pay   and   we   do   not   request   any   additional   charges   if thicker   plaster   is   encountered.   You   can   be   confident   therefore   that   the   quoted   price   for the works specified, remains fixed. Our   specialist   re-plastering   works   are   carried   out   in   conjunction   with   our   damp   proofing treatments.   You   can   be   assured   therefore,   of   complete   quality   control   throughout   all stages of the damp proofing treatments.
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