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Electro Osmosis
How it Works After   the Titanium   damp   course   has   been   fitted,   a   small   votage   is   applied   to   the   titanium   via   the power   unit.   Immediately   all   the   titanium   wire   in   contact   with   the   wall   and   anode   sections   will conduct   electricity.   The   nett   result   is   equivalent   to   having   one   continuously   conducting   anode so enabling a very rapid build up of wall potential, and rapid drying out times. After   a   period   of   time   an   insoluble   film   of   titanium   dioxide   will   build   up   at   the   titanium/wall interface. Once   this   film   has   become   established   there   is   very   little   further   electrical   conduction   from   the titanium wire. The anodes will naturally continue to conduct so maintaining the wall potential. To   summarise,   it   can   be   said   that   the   Lectros   system   is   virtually   self-healing   -   scratch   or   abuse the titanium and it will quickly form another protective skin.
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Wall after osmotic system has been installed
Wall without protection
Initial switch on conditions. Total electrical conduction
Normal operation. Only anodes conduct